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- Your child should bring a lunch and drink every day to camp. - Water will be available at all times, but water bottles from home are suggested. - Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase. - In the event of bad weather, we will provide alternative activities indoors. - Please apply sunscreen on your child before arriving to camp. Your child is permitted to bring additional sunscreen to reapply during the course of the day; however employees are not able to apply. - Employees are CPR and First Aid Certified and an AED is available at all times. In the event of an injury or emergency while attending All American Sports Camp Inc., I give permission to any employee of All American Sports Camp Inc. to make the necessary decision to transport via emergency medical service and perform any treatments necessary. I understand that the employee’s decision is in the best interest for my child and I will not hold the employees liable for their actions and decisions. I understand that risks are involved when my child is participating in All American Sports Camp Inc. I will assume that any injuries are accidental and I do not hold the employees, supervisors, or owners personally responsible in any way. All American Sports Camp Inc. has the right to remove any child from participation for inappropriate behavior of any kind. If inappropriate behavior continues, the child will be removed from camp and no refund will be given. NSF Policy If a check is returned for any reason, payment must be made by money order within one business day. Payment must be in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. The camp cannot redeposit checks that have been returned. A $30 NSF fee will be charged in addition to the funds owed. Absence/Withdrawal Policy There will be no reimbursements or credits for absences, withdrawals, or vacations. Electronic Games/ Personal Property All American Sports Camp Inc. is not responsible for any personal property lost on campus. We strongly advise your child not to bring personal items to camp. Nintendo DS’s, PSP’s, cell phones, and other expensive personal property should remain at home. If a child needs to contact home, we have phones available for him/her to use. Behavior Policy All efforts will be made to maintain a positive environment for each child in the program. Children are expected to demonstrate responsible behavior at all times. Drop-Off/Pick-Up Policies Children must be picked up by an authorized adult. Please sign the Sign In/Out sheet upon arrival and departure. Please do not drop your child off without signing him/her in. In the event an adult arrives to pick up your child and that adult is not on your ‘authorized pick-up list’ every effort will be made to contact a primary caregiver to authorize pick-up. If a primary caregiver cannot be contacted, the adult will not be permitted to remove the child from the program. IF YOUR CHILD IS AFFECTED BY COURT ORDERED RESTRICTIONS FOR PICK-UP, CURRENT COURT ORDERS MUST BE ON FILE WITH ALL AMERICAN SPORTS CAMP INC. FAILURE TO PROVIDE CURRENT DOCUMENTATION MAY RESULT IN THE CHILD BEING RELEASED TO A PERSON THAT CAN SHOW DOCUMENTATION THAT HE/SHE IS THE CHILD’S PARENT Video Usage My child may view PG movies that may be shown during lunch at Spring Break Camp. Picture/Media Release I give All American Sports Camp Inc permission to use any photos and similar media/promotional materials of my son or daughter in their advertising (this includes FACEBOOK & WEBSITE PICTURES). By clicking below I have read the above Terms & Conditions and agree to them.