All American Sports can also provide a highly experienced set of coaches and all of the necessary equipment to make it easy for schools to add structured sports and fitness to their curriculum or after-care program.  Our curriculum introduces the rules and skills through hands-on exercises, so your students can begin playing and improving right away. We keep it fun, knowing that the students enjoy a bit of competition too. The goals are to help make every student comfortable trying new sports, to give them a basic understanding of popular sports, and to help them appreciate the fun and rewards of regular physical activity. There are many different activities after-care programs and others can choose from. These games/activities focus on providing a positive experience while incorporating a healthy lifestyle, which promotes wellness and fitness. We encourage all students to participate regardless of physical or cognitive ability. As an approved Palm Beach County School District vendor, our staff consists of Palm Beach County certified teachers. Safety First! Our team holds First-Aid and CPR certifications. All you need to do is provide the date/time and we will supply everything else!

All American Sports can teach up to 40 students per hour. Session times are flexible. We will provide an introductory lesson followed by a wrap up activity or game. Groups are often arranged K-1, 2-3, and 4-5.

We have multiple options available:

Option 1 : Up to 40 students for 2 — one hour sessions. (80 students total)

Option 2: Up to 40 students for  3 — one hour sessions. (120 students total)

Option 3: Custom session.

Please email or call for rates/pricing.